Hey! It’s Rahul Sharma and here’s a bit of stuff about me.

I have done hones from Manchester Metropolitan University UK in Business Management. I am born and bred in Manchester, United Kingdom.

It’s in a human nature to love the place where he was born and lived his entire life so that’s a major reason for me to love this city. Another reason for me to love this city is the immense beauty this city holds.

Being a Foodie, whenever I am craving for some good food- be it Indian, Italian, Mexican or you name it- Manchester never disappoints me.

Manchester, as a center for sports, is renowned for its Soccer team. This so-called capital of north has overcome an industrial decline and is one of the most cosmopolitan cities now, not only in UK but in the whole world.

As for my professional life, after graduating in 2007 from a privileged institute like Manchester metropolitan University and completing three years of training in 2010, I started my career as Managing Director at Connected Claims Ltd. which is also based in Manchester. Connected Claims are specialist PPI consultants with a proven track record of winning back PPI premiums for their clients. During my stay there, Connected Claims entered the flight delay market in 2014 and quickly became one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. Furthermore, in late 2016, Connected Claims was acquired by the Allay Group and was re-branded as Airfair Compensation Ltd.

I worked as a Business Consultant at Airfair Compensation Ltd. from the very day it was re-branded till March, 2019. Airfair Compensation Ltd. is also based in Manchester and has become one of the leading players in its respective industry.

Being a business Consultant, I always tried to offer a very comprehensive strategy by focusing on implementing long term internal procedures to subsequently produce high level results in facets of the company.

As for now, I’ve created a company, the financial services providing network of debt collection specialists consisting of debt collection agencies and law firms. With an extensive experience and the policy of not compromising on quality of service, My company is counted in one of the leading financial services providing companies.

As a director and a strategic CEO, I am responsible for managing and controlling all the business operations in which my previous experience of 9 years and the acquired knowledge and expertise in this duration is proving a big help. I am dedicated in navigating the company to the most profitable direction with my acquired expertise in business management while implementing my vision and long-term goals.

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